"I don’t know how you could have done it better."
- Tracy M.

"Blue Earth Yoga was one of the most amazing adventures in my whole life. Going to a completely unknown place, no logistics to worry about, staying in the wonderful villa, comfortable room, wonderful food, such helpful yoga mentoring and skillfully led discussions but, most of all, instant community! It was just magical for me how everyone was accepted by everyone else for who they were and all were at one with the group."

- Lanie J.

Everyone should take a trip like this at least once in their lifetime!
- Ellen P.

"I wanted to tell you how amazing the yoga retreat was: you make a special team. You brought a whole other experience to the retreat that I don't think you will find anywhere else...so thank you."

- John G.

Peter is a crafter of moments.
- Lynn L.

"We are nearing the anniversary of our Blue Earth Yoga Retreat on the isle of Paris, Greece. None of us expected the surprise we got right from the very first day. The location of our accommodation and 360 degrees around it was breathtaking.The remaining days were the none-plus-ultra of meditation at dawn, rejuvenating yoga at the sandy beach and/or in the water. More beautiful yoga time at the pool on the premises. Chances of leisure visits to nearby villages, fun at more scenic beaches and historic points of interest. Or taking advantage of renting a kayak. In our specific case we had the opportunity to cruise around the islands on an open motor boot by invitation of the owner of our premises. To top all this was the excellent, salubrious food of wonderful healthy, tasty dishes prepared by a couple of other participants of our group which turned out to be more like a long overdue family reunion. Room for improvement? Absolutely none. Recommendation? Everyone should take a trip like this at least once in their lifetime!"

- Ellen P., 79