Peter Mico


Yoga is a journey. Blue Earth Yoga was born of Peter Mico’s journey.

A longtime creative force in the restaurant industry, the kitchens ultimately took their toll on Peter. No longer able to access the healing elements of his beloved surf and sail, his body and his spirit suffered.

Engulfed by chronic pain and profound stress, Peter’s salvation came in an unexpected form. One day, shopping at Costco, he found a yoga DVD. Never your typical yoga candidate, surprisingly Peter felt that this might be an answer. Most importantly, he was open and he was determined to find a solution to his condition. For over twenty years, yoga has become Peter’s primary agent of transformation.

An unwaveringly devoted student and teacher, Peter has found profound joy in guiding non-traditional yoga students on a path of gradual lifestyle changes that enhance one's relationship to self and community. 

He has had the honor of studying with many master teachers around the world. His main teachers for the past 10 years have been Tias Little and Surya Little at Prajna Yoga School. His other teachers and primary influences are: Erich Schiffman, Manuso Manos, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and James D'Silva.

Peter's warm personality brings a relaxed and playful style to his classes. His deep knowledge of anatomy and the myofacial systems of the body inform his teaching, and guide his students into greater strength, flexibility, alignment, and grace. Peter's approach is greatly influenced by Iyengar Yoga, Buddhism, and his personal experiences both as a teacher and a student.

Always ready with an absurd joke or a piece of ancient wisdom, Peter’s down to earth demeanor, his knowledge of the intricacies of the body’s mechanisms, and inspired practice draws a range of devoted students. 

Teachers are always students, too. In the past few years, Peter found himself at a point where he needed the wisdom of simplicity. He needed the space to reflect on and rejuvenate his tired soul. Asking himself, “how far have I journeyed from the simple characteristics that make for a healthy, active, happy life, especially after sixty?” Peter found inspiration to return to himself through Dan Buettner's idea of Blue Zones.

Blue Earth Yoga is the culmination of Peter's hospitality and yoga careers, his down to earth practice, his aspirations for higher being, and his desire to share this with others.

​Always inventing, and using his personal vulnerabilities to establish a deepening of his work, Peter created Blue Earth Yoga, inviting us all along to adventure, explore and inquire into ourselves - all over the globe.