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 Dates TBA for 2022 


ExtraOrdinary Wellness Retreats brings you a 10-day yoga retreat on the island of Paros, in the heart of a certified Blue Zone.

The people of Paros have some of the longest and healthiest lifespans in the world - with many reaching 100 years old with all their faculties! These people certainly know how to live and we are here to discover and emulate their secrets.

We will be staying in a charming boutique beachside hotel, situated along the majestic shores of Paro’s bay and overlooking the ancient fishing village of Paroikia. With no high rise buildings, chain stores, freeways or distractions, the setting is simple, elegant and inspirational. You can reach anywhere on foot. Time stands still. We scoured the planet for somewhere to do our longevity and wellness work and we couldn’t find a better place.


Lisa Dunn and Peter Mico have been teaching yoga in England and the United States respectively, for over 25 years.

These world-class yoga teachers will provide you with a profound recipe for health and longevity. They have also individually performed retreats throughout the world, transforming students onto a path of rejuvenation and fitness. 

With all the classes benefitting both the beginner and advanced learning levels, Lisa and Peter will guide you through this fascinating variety of holistic techniques, all designed to create a profound sense of wellness.    


Courtney Mico-Nelson is Extraordinary Wellness Retreats' concierge.  Courtney is uniquely qualified to help you with all your retreat travel needs, before, during and after our time together.  She will help you with booking transportations, excursions, restaurants, as well as special features offered at this unique location.


Peter Nico


Lisa Dunn


Courtney Nico



The dynamics of yoga and pranayama

The grace and flexibility of dance and somatic movement.

The power and peace of Qigong for posture and meditation.

The concepts behind the longevity blue zones and Mediterranean diet


"We are nearing the anniversary of our Blue Earth Yoga Retreat on the isle of Paros, Greece. None of us expected the surprise we got right from the very first day. The location of our accommodation and 360 degrees around it was breathtaking.The remaining days were the none-plus-ultra of meditation at dawn, rejuvenating yoga at the sandy beach and/or in the water. More beautiful yoga time at the pool on the premises. Chances of leisure visits to nearby villages, fun at more scenic beaches and historic points of interest. Or taking advantage of renting a kayak. In our specific case we had the opportunity to cruise around the islands on an open motor boot by invitation of the owner of our premises. To top all this was the excellent, salubrious food of wonderful healthy, tasty dishes prepared by a couple of other participants of our group which turned out to be more like a long overdue family reunion. Room for improvement? Absolutely none. Recommendation? Everyone should take a trip like this at least once in their lifetime!"

Ellen P

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