This has been a difficult and trying time for Blue Earth Yoga, as it may have been for many of you. To cope with the responsibility of bringing our wellness and aging programs to you, we have tried several different strategies to deliver the ‘work’. We posted zoom classes, on-line workshops and subscription-based education, with mixed results.

Many of you have expressed that you’re not totally comfortable with the on-line class format, a notion that I happen to share with you. Part of the problem has been equipment and Wi-Fi issues, common here in this remote region of Central America. We have also had to cancel retreats abroad out of concern for high-risk, multifaceted health issues related to covid19, as well as difficulty traveling during this time. Your health and wellbeing will always be a top concern. No one knows what the future holds. We can only make plans when we feel it is safe and responsible.

So, we wait.

As we do so we continue to concentrate our resources into more research and training. Reviewing various aspects of health, wellness and longevity from a holistic platform. Being in Costa Rica for the past two years, (a certified ‘Blue Zone’), has revealed many helpful and surprising antidotes to prevent chronic disease and senile illnesses. Cross referencing Costa Rica living with ancient eastern movement arts has produced even more exciting ideas that aid in turning back our biological clocks.

Every human being should school himself and herself in looking forward to aging as a promise to be fulfilled.

Did you know, for example, Costa Rica has the lowest health care cost and the highest wellness standard of any country in the world (New York Times). Combining these values and cross referencing them with principles of Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Pilates, Meditation and Somatics, has created a very exciting and potent program for renewed living.

The path forward.

We are confident the future has promise. We will continue on-line learning on a more or less limited basis. For now, it is the of the best options available to us. We have improved our equipment and have obtained a much better Wi-Fi service. We will continue to teach to Europe on Sundays (different time zones). We will reach out to US and Canada on Saturdays.

Peter will continue to teach locally, here in Samara. A large amount of my time is spent writing the program for wellness and aging. The enthusiasm for the work has been very encouraging. Blue Earth Yoga will also continue to work with Lisa Dunn, of Lisa Dunn Yoga in London, and collaborate with her on this subject. We will host wellness and aging retreats here in Costa Rica and when and where it is appropriate to travel.

So here is a limited menu of 2021 learning options for Blue Earth Yoga students.

Apparently aging is not a period of decline but one of improvement and development. This was a stunning discovery!

· Private Practice class study in Samara.

o Available for yoga transformation, movement therapy, and Qigong energy work. 75-minute sessions. $60.00 per session. All levels. Limited availability.

· Private sessions online: $60 per session

o Available for yoga transformation, movement therapy, and Qigong energy work. 75-minute sessions. $60.00 per session. All levels. Limited availability.

· Online class US: Saturday mornings beginning November 6th, 10 PST. Donation based

o All level class on focusing on energy and movement. No prerequisites required.

· Online class Europe: Sundays beginning November 13th 4:00 pm GMT donation bases

o All level class on focusing on energy and movement. No prerequisites required.

· Wellness Blog: celebrate your parts! Subscribe here

o Receive regular health updates on the wonders of the human body.

· Costa Rica 10-day Wellness and Aging retreat: April 23rd, through May 2nd.

o ExtraOrdinary Wellness and Aging

· Wellness Tips Videos: Celebrate Your Amazing Body!!! Series of 12 videos to give honor, gratitude and respect to various body parts that deserve your attention.

"A human who knows aging to be a process of ongoing growth is a human who has the ongoing power to overcome ailments, surmount malaise, and triumph over the worst of defeats."

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Ten-day Immersive Retreat on the island of Paros, in the heart of a certified Blue Zone

A wellness retreat that will transform you from an ordinary life of disabling ageing to an extraordinary life of boundless energy and renewed wellness.

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Updated: Aug 4, 2021


Peter offers individual face-to-face training and zoom sessions.

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Open Class on-line

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