Jody Pignolet


Jody's search for essence and connection set her on a path of spiritual, self-discovery in her early twenties. Growing up as the youngest in a family of seven children, Jody developed her capacity for nurturing others and deferring to the good of the whole. In the process, she found that she had lost her voice.

Her personal journey has led her on a rich adventure of exploring every possible pathway to develop the unique expression of her identity. Her passion for this process fueled the development of her voice through singing and chanting, years of performing in an expressive dance group, and through her writing, recently completing a screen play.

Yoga became a principal tool for this expression. Jody received her certification in Transformational Hatha Yoga in Greece in 2015 and has been a devoted student of various yoga practices for a decade. Her loving and supportive attention to her students provides a warm and safe environment for others to expand their expression.

She holds a certification as a practitioner of Core Belief Restructuring and has been trained as a facilitator for Authentic Relating.

And, in the process of this journey, she has helped to raise three amazing daughters with her husband of 32 years.

Jody Pignolet is a gentle tour de force.