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About BEY

We are a lively bunch. Kind of Eclectic. Imperfect. Passionate. Humorous.

The staff at one of the hotels we partner with said that they’ve never had a group laugh as much. We believe them! While we take yoga and wellness very seriously, but we approach it with lightness.

Transformation is hard enough as it is.

Peter Mico, BEY creator and lead teacher, knows this first hand. The first transformation started in 1999, at age 50. Peter’s body was starting to show signs and symptoms of breaking down after years of physical labor and extreme athleticism.  Hearing the doctors diagnosis him with, “this is just getting older, better accept it,” sent him searching for a better option.

The answer came in the DVD aisle at Costco - YOGA.

Searching for again for answers, he came across the work of Dan Buettner. Buettner had identified the places in the world where people lived the longest, were the happiest and experienced optimal health into old age.  After extensive research and confidence in the BZ principles, Blue Earth Yoga was born.

Peter took students to Costa Rica and found that an immersion into healthy living yielded huge benefits - for his students and for his personal health.  He saw his health improve on each retreat, right along side his students. The lessons embedded in Blue Zone living were exactly what he needed to transform his health.

He became a devoted student and then a passionate teacher in his small northern Idaho town, enlightening loggers and dancers alike to the genius of this mind, body, spirit practice. He traveled to study and train with reknowned teachers. His aliments cleared and he found a way to help others.

His second transformation came nearly two decades later. A misdiagnosis led to a domino effect on his health. As he tried to address his worsening condition with western medicine, Peter saw more clearly the shortcomings of prescriptive treatment. He experienced how difficult it was to maintain the lifestyle necessary for wellness in convenience-focused, stress-inducing, fast-lane society.

Devoted as Peter is to his practice, to his teaching, to his health, he moved to a Blue Zone to become intimate with the lifestyle and reconnected to his optimal self, in a physical and mental sense.

"YOga is the journey to the self, Through the self"

What is life but a serious of transitions. Blue Earth Yoga is all about giving people the tools to transform their lives. You don't have to want to become a yogi to be able to benefit. Yoga adapts to your journey.

- bhagavad gita




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