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Blue Earth Yoga
bring people together
to study health & ageing through yoga somatics.

Practicing with Peter

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? 

Too often, our lives slip into patterns of convenience and we forget how good it feels to be vital, to move with ease, to be pain free, to travel, meet new people -and to touch our toes!


Blue Earth Yoga gives you an experience of health, community, movement, and adventure to move you into wellness.


Peter Mico is a talented, dedicated and engaging teacher of both yoga and somatics who can assist you in navigating the difficult and troublesome path of aging. His passion for life and service is infectious. His skills and experiences make him both entertaining and knowledgeable.

Dennis Pence, long-time student


Online Private Sessions

Available for yoga transformation, movement therapy, and Qigong energy work. 

75-minute sessions

$60.00 per session
All levels
Limited availability

Online Private Wellness Tips Videos

Celebrate Your Amazing Body!! Series of 12 videos to give honor, gratitude and respect to various body parts that deserve your attention.

Online videos available soon

Wellness Blog

Receive regular health updates on the wonders of the human body.

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Peter is working on a new program called
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I wanted to tell you how amazing the yoga retreat was: you make a special team. You brought a whole other experience to the retreat that I don't think you will find anywhere else... so thank you.

John G


Our trips are designed to attune body and mind to care about longevity, to embrace the new ways of being strong and fit in our bodies. Because, let’s face it, these damn knees aren’t exactly what they used to be. 

At the core of our retreats is yoga, but probably not what you are picturing. This yoga is accessible to the beginner and the advanced yogi alike, because it focuses on joint health, dynamic range of motion and core strength. Combined with meditation, delicious, abundant and healthy meals, and adventuring through Greek Islands, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be feeling fresh.

" Peter is a crafter of moments."

Lynn L

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Peter Mico


An unwaveringly devoted student and teacher, Peter has found profound joy in guiding non-traditional yoga students on a path of gradual lifestyle changes that enhance one's relationship to self, community and planet. 


He has had the honor of studying with many master teachers around the world in his 23 years of yoga practice. His main teachers for the past 10 years have been Tias Little and Surya Little at Prajna Yoga School. His other teachers and primary influences are: Erich Schiffman, Manuso Manos, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and James D'Silva.


Currently, Peter is living in rural Costa Rice living and studying the principles of a lifestyle centered around a wellness that is intrinsic to the health of the planet.​

Peter's warm personality brings a relaxed and playful style to his classes. His deep knowledge of anatomy and the myofacial systems of the body inform his teaching, and guide his students into greater strength, flexibility, alignment, and grace. Peter's approach is greatly influenced by Iyengar Yoga, Buddhism, and his personal experiences both as a teacher and a student.


Always ready with an absurd joke or a piece of ancient wisdom, Peter’s down to earth demeanor, his knowledge of the intricacies of the body’s mechanisms, and inspired practice draws a range of devoted students. 

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Courtney Mico-Nelson

Courtney moved in Juneau, Alaska after 33 years in the heart and pulse of Los Angeles.  Now, she is a dynamic balance of big city personality and glacial peace.


Courtney brings her yoga and dance experience together with business and sales for Blue Earth Yoga. She makes things happen for BEY, managing hospitality and all the behind the scenes planning. If you call the number on our site, it's this wonderful lady who will answer the phone.

Courtney was born in La Jolla, California and was an avid ocean swimmer from early on. She has studied Ashtanga yoga with Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, and a more freestyle yoga with Shiva Rae, which 

incorporates free movements. She also participated in a Tibetan Heart yoga teacher training on Lopez Island, and an Anusara yoga teacher training in Estes Park, Colorado. She specializes in children's and prenatal yoga.Courtney has a BA in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Anthropology and an AA in science. She's raising two teenage boys and selling Real Estate in Juneau.


Everyone should take a trip like this at least once in their lifetime!

Ellen P

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Booking an international trip with strangers can be a little nerve-racking, so please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to meet you and answer all the questions.

Tel: 907-209-1704



"Blue Earth Yoga was one of the most amazing adventures in my whole life. Going to a completely unknown place, no logistics to worry about, staying in the wonderful villa, comfortable room, wonderful food, such helpful yoga mentoring and skillfully led discussions but, most of all, instant community! It was just magical for me how everyone was accepted by everyone else for who they were and all were at one with the group."


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